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07 Feb, Tuesday
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Montreal Families

Your very own vegetable garden

A Montreal entrepreneur has come up with a neat concept for families that will take root this spring. Gino Iannuzzi has created a company called StudentGardens.ca where employees will come to your home and build a raised garden in your backyard. You choose what you want to grow; they plant the seeds and maintain the garden for you.

Besides providing tasty produce, having your own organic garden means you are eating vegetables free of pesticides, which will improve your health and help the environment. “I’m Italian and I grew up with a 20’ by 20’ traditional row garden in our backyard that my father maintained,” Iannuzzi says. “I will never forget the flavour of the tomatoes – they were delicious and I used to soak up the juices with a baguette.”

He says he decided to launch a company that would give kids and families a chance to benefit from having their own vegetable garden, even if it is on a smaller scale. “Kids love gardening and it is very educational,” Iannuzzi says. “They learn patience because it takes time to grow vegetables; teamwork and how to be creative.”

Iannuzzi also says that there are many health benefits to eating homegrown produce instead of buying imported vegetables high in pesticides. “And even some organic vegetables are imported from foreign countries and can cost up to 40 per cent more then regular vegetables,” he adds.

Although gardening can be a fun activity to do as a family, oftentimes getting started is the hard part. This company offers three options; the basic package costs $225 and includes a 4’ by 4’ garden, material, labour and weekly maintenance. You can also have the garden built but choose to maintain it yourself.

Raised gardens provide a longer growing season for your vegetables, higher yields, and better soil. But your backyard must get at least six hours of sunshine a day to make it viable. Iannuzzi says he is hoping that daycares will also be interested in this concept because it will help educate the kids and give them another fun activity to take part in.

For more information, call (514) 426-6222 or go to StudentGardens.ca


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