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26 Nov, Saturday
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Montreal Families

What moms really want for Mother’s Day

Some would argue that Mother’s Day should be every day, but for now there is just one day a year reserved specifically for showing some appreciation to the moms in our lives (this year it’s May 8).

We asked our Facebook fans what they would like to receive and/or do on this special day. Here are some of their funny, touching and even poetic replies.

Margherita Ciarlelli

I would love for my husband and boys to plan an outing for me. I’m the event planner in the family and it would be nice for once to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Elana Fogel

To spend a peaceful day with my boys where they happily comply with whatever I ask them to do.

Rayna Lang-Glazer

A full night of sleep.

Chantal Leduc

I always tell my kids I don’t want presents and what would REALLY make me happy is to see them happy and succeed at school. Other than that, some flowers, a handmade card and time spent doing a family activity.

Katia Pietrunti

I would love it if I could sleep in, have the day off and do absolutely nothing (with the house to myself for the whole day to enjoy some quiet time). And a card would be nice too.

Johanne Pettigrew

I am fulfilled. I have three boys (all grown up). They tell me at least once a week they love me. What more could I hope for?

Natalie C. Luck

I’m a single mom. I would like my three kids 14, 12 and 10 to be quiet in the morning, at least make me a coffee, or a simple breakfast and do the dishes. A nice gift would be a massage. Or they could take me out for dinner.

Sonja Mitchell

I’m glad my kids get just as excited about Mother’s Day as I do. In an ideal world, I’d love to spend it with my mom and kids in a park or on a beach having a picnic, playing Frisbee and eating cake. But my mom lives in Australia. So I’ll settle for hugs and kisses from my two loveable kids and my ricotta hot cakes for breakfast (served by hubby on this day). But what I REALLY want is a manicure and pedicure. I can’t remember the last time I had either.

Caroline Doré

The best present for Mother’s Day is hugs and kisses from the kids followed by a family day with lots of outdoor activities.

Dominique Godbout

I would like to play tennis all day. No groceries to purchase, no driving a teenager all over town, and no cooking. An hour at the spa would be nice and a beautiful bouquet of flowers too.

Annabelle Mutreddy-Sammy

A day off — it is what I ask for every year. I love the flowers, handmade cards and gifts but, for one day a year, I just don’t want to do dishes or laundry or be a referee. Now that sounds like heaven.

Tara Kleen-Perez

I have been changing diapers EVERY day since March 1, 2012. Is it possible to get just ONE diaper-less day? JUST ONE!

Deborah Gilsig


Please start my day off with a hug

And perhaps some tea in a mug

Then run along to your toys

And play, as boys will be boys

Enjoy, be happy and do not fight

As a lie-in will start my day off right

Later, I would love a sandwich for lunch

Served with a few flowers in a bunch

Then, whether the sun shines or not

An afternoon walk with you all

Will make me feel 10 feet tall

And finally, if I do not need to think of dinner

And I am not expecting a Top Chef winner

Just a dish made by one or more boy

Will end my day with oodles of joy.

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