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08 Dec, Thursday
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Montreal Families

Westmount Music Therapy opens in Beaconsfield

To accommodate clients living on the West Island, Westmount Music Therapy opened a new location in Beaconsfield in February.

Clinic owner and therapist Alison Usher-Jones says that many clients were having trouble with the commute because of traffic and construction. “A lot of them would come on the weekend or in the afternoons, and the commute was just taking longer and longer,” she says. “We needed to come up with a solution.”

The answer was to bring the music therapy to the clients. The new location is at a studio in Beaconsfield United Church and there has been a lot of interest from the community. “Parents are able to see their kids thriving and doing well,” Usher-Jones says.

Westmount Music Therapy has been running for six years and sees about 125 children per week between the two locations. The West Island location provides most of the same services as the one in Westmount, including group and individual music therapy sessions for children with autism or developmental and learning disabilities.

Usher-Jones is also looking for boys and girls aged 8 to 12 to join children’s bands in the West Island. Kids will get together for one hour a week to practice and don’t need any previous music experience to join.

The new location is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays and therapy sessions can be booked from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Half-hour individual sessions are $60. An hour-long group session is $35.

For more information, visit westmountmusictherapy.ca.

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