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Website provides educational activities

The Open School is a bilingual online platform where students can access different activities based on their grade level. These activities can be either academic, social or physical and the intent is to help improve students’ knowledge and skills in many areas, said Quebec Education Minister Jean-François Roberge.

Launched March 30, there is also a pandemic component,with a video about how to explain COVID-19 to kids in five minutes as well as tips for coping with stress and anxiety.

On the academic side, The Open School provides activities for every grade from preschool to secondary five, in most of the subjects they learn in school, including: English, French as a second language, math, art, science and technology, geography and history. For example, at the elementary school level, one of the platform’s resources shows how parents can teach their kids math in their everyday life — like counting apples at the grocery store — with some help from the Sesame Street gang. The Open School even has a financial education section for Secondary V students, where they can learn how to file an income tax return.

Other social activities include virtual tours of famous museums, like the Louvre Museum in France. Online painting and colouring book apps are also available.

All activities and resources are free. New activities will be added to the site weekly. More additions to the platform, including activities specifically for students with special needs, will also be available soon.

For more information, visit ecoleouverte.ca.

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