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Website about Olympics geared to kids

CBC Kids is launching an Olympic website cbckids.ca/tokyo2020 on May 19, offering children aged 6 to 10 years old digital content related to the Tokyo Games.

The programming will be educational and recreational, featuring descriptions of more than 50 sports featured in this year’s Olympic and Paralympic games. In addition to its instructional content, the website has added five Olympic-themed games for casual users: surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding, tennis and athletics. Previous games such as wheelchair rugby and swimming will also be available.

The website can be used as a resource for classroom activities, especially for teachers looking to incorporate Olympic education into their curriculum or parents hoping to keep home-bound children busy with remote activities. Kids will be able to learn about the people and culture of Japan as well as a history of the Olympics. In addition to text-based articles, there will also be a number of interactive features, allowing children to participate in polls, take quizzes, and earn coins while “playing” their favourite sports, all from the comfort of their home.

Website about Olympics geared to kids

Photo credit: CBC Kids

Video content will be a major feature of the CBC Kids Olympic website, and certain TV segments—aimed at preschoolers—will air during the CBC Kids morning block, says the team behind the site. Highlights will include interviews with athletes conducted by Studio K hosts and puppets. The network’s digital series, According to Kids, will air new episodes with a focus on the Olympic Games, spotlighting real kids as they give their opinions on the Summer Olympics. CBC Kids News will have coverage and highlights of the Games.

The website will be available for over two months before the Games begin so that teachers, and parents who have children learning virtually, can use all the features. New content will be added until the end of the Paralympic Games on September 5.

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