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20 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Webcurfew a way to curb Internet use

Not so long ago, parents could limit the time their kids spent in front of a “screen” by simply turning off the TV. But trying to limit Internet time with an increasingly tech-savvy generation is a much bigger challenge.

A new online service called WebCurfew proposes to solve this problem by allowing parents to remotely control the Internet access to any device in their home. Users input the make and serial number of their router, which then gives them a list of all devices connected to the Internet. These can then be shut off individually so the kids can’t go online.

Toronto-based founder Rod DaSilva, a parent of teenagers, said he wanted to give parents the ability to set boundaries on their children’s Internet time “with the ease of turning off a light switch.” Since launching in June 2013, users in more than 20 countries have signed up.

The base service is free and supports over 100 types of routers; a premium subscription of $4.99 US a month allows users to automate the system as part of a daily management schedule.

For more information, visit www.webcurfew.com

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