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06 Jun, Tuesday
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Montreal Families

Virtual reality experience transports kids into space 

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an astronaut in space? Starting this May, Montrealers can get a first-hand experience at the Old Port.

Until June 4, Space Explorers: The Infinite will be in Montreal. Inspired by NASA’s mission to the International Space Station, the 60-minute virtual reality expedition will feature never-seen-before 360-degree videos captured in space. Visitors will witness what everyday life is like for astronauts.

Geared to kids 8 and over, the journey has four chapters.  The first one, a Journey Through Space, transports visitors through footage of a spacewalk taken by astronauts.  They will also see a view of earth as well as witness some impressive sunrises from space.

In chapter two, visitors will experience a 3D model of inside the International Space Station from the inside and out. Chapter three will give guests an intimate insight about the daily life of an astronaut. Visitors can also feel like a part of the crew by sitting beside them for dinner.  Finally in the last chapter, experience an up-close and personal view of the launch of the next NASA rocket to the Moon.

The cost for kids 8 to12 is $29 and over 12 it is $46. The address is 2 de la Commune St.

For more information, click here. 

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