Verdun Adult and Career Centre



Chantal Grandolfo wanted a career not a job.

This mother of five lives in Verdun and has enrolled in a career program offered at Verdun Adult and Career Centre, a vocational training facility located at 6050 Champlain Blvd. just a 15 min walk from her home.

The Verdun Adult and Career Centre, part of the Lester B. Pearson School Board is government funded, offers different programs of study, and is quickly becoming part of the Verdun landscape.

Chantal was always interested in construction, having helped her father with renovations in the past. It’s those fond memories that led her to enroll in the Plumbing and Heating program, one of the locally offered programs of study.

Four of Chantal’s children attend classes in the adjoining high school, and are supportive of her decision to become an adult student. They have adjusted to her new schedule relatively quickly, especially as she finishes classes before they do.

Ardis Root, the centre’s director jumped at this opportunity to open the first English language Vocational training facility in Verdun, and cites examples like Chantal as the reason she has stayed in Continuing Education for most of her career. “Quebec Vocational Training programs have a great national and international reputation, are Government funded and provide wonderful training opportunities for evolving job markets. To offer these opportunities in Verdun, a vibrant Montreal neighbourhood with a strong sense of community, is just icing on the cake.”

So like Chantal, the Verdun Adult and Career Centre is off on an exciting journey, hoping to contribute to their neighborhood, and maybe make some new friends along the way.

The other programs available at Verdun Adult and Career Centre are Computer Support, Accounting, and Residential and Commercial Drafting.

About the Verdun Adult and Career Centre

6050 boulevard Champlain
Verdun, QC