Top tips for carving the perfect pumpkin

Whether it is your first or fiftieth time doing this activity with the kids, you are sure to find some nifty tips to make this job easier

top tips for carving pumpkin

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We scoured the Internet to find the niftiest, coolest and most innovative tips for carving pumpkins, as well as need-to-knows about the fun Halloween activity. Here are some of our favourite top tips for carving the perfect pumpkin:

  • Larger pumpkins are easier to carve.
  • When cleaning out the pumpkin, save the seeds. Toasted pumpkin seeds are a light and healthy snack. You can use an ice-cream scoop to extract the pumpkin pulp if you want to avoid getting your hands dirty.
  • Before starting to carve (there is no “undo” button on pumpkins!), you can draw – using a pen or marker – or tape the outline of what you want to carve. Razor blades, push pins, or nails also work well.
  • The top is the toughest and hardest part to cut off. You’ll definitely want at least a knife with some teeth. Cut through at a 45-degree angle so the top doesn’t fall through into the pumpkin. Tom Nardone at uses a drywall saw.
  • Some also suggest cutting the bottom of the pumpkin. It’ll be easier to clean and will make the pumpkin bottom flat, making it infinitely more stable and easier to carve.
  • If you’re going to place a candle in your jack-o’-lantern, remember that you need a “chimney.” Keep the lid off or cut a hole in the back, which passersby won’t see. IMPORTANT: never, ever, leave a lit lantern unattended. Electric or battery-operated flameless candles are a safe alternative.
  • Pumpkins rot. For a longer life, you can soak the clean, empty pumpkin in water with a little bit of bleach (a blogger at suggested one teaspoon per gallon of water). You can also spray your finished pumpkin with a bathroom cleaner that contains a bit of bleach. This will keep bugs, mold and animals away, according to Nardone.
  • Of course, to avoid all of this, you can just paint and draw on your pumpkins or dress them, without carving them.

Check out this Youtube video! Kari Byron (Everday Genius & Mythbusters) offers tips for a kid-safe way to carve your Jack O’Lanterns this Halloween!

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