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Montreal Families

Top 10 baby names

If you are pondering what to name your baby, or you’re just curious about what names are popular in Quebec, then head over to www.rrq.gouv.qc.ca where you can search a database for the top baby names. Each year, the government agency collects registered names from the previous year and then publishes them. The top names for 2010 are William for boys and Lea for girls (the same as in 2009). However, the names Jacob and Samuel are gaining in popularity, as are Juliette and Alice. Here’s the list of the top 10 names:

1 Lea
2 Emma
3 Juliette
4 Rosalie
5 Florence
6 Alice
7 Noemie
8 Olivia
9 Camille
10 Chloe

1 William
2 Thomas
3 Olivier
4 Jacob
5 Nathan
6 Samuel
7 Gabriel
8 Alexis
9 Felix
10 Antoine

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