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Teachers share 15 ways kids can succeed in school

Back-to-school buzz is in the air, and parents everywhere are armed with well-intentioned advice from parenting blogs and self-proclaimed experts. But wait, have you ever wondered what the unsung heroes of education – teachers – have to say? I embarked on a daring quest to uncover the hidden truths straight from the teachers themselves. Brace yourself for an eye-opening journey into the minds of those who spend a lot of time with your kids.

Raise that Hand, Superstar!

Teachers are in the superhero business, and your child’s participation is their secret weapon. Unveiling a little-known fact: a raised hand could be the key to tipping the grade scales from a B+ to an A-. So, encourage your child to leap into the discussion – it might just be a game-changer.

The Disneyland Dilemma

Let’s talk about absenteeism – because teachers have heard every excuse in the book. Except, maybe, the one where Disneyland is the latest flu strain. Sorry kiddos, “I met Mickey” isn’t quite cutting it.

Fashionably Early, Please

Late is so last season. Being the “late” kid every day isn’t a great look. Teachers are whispering a little secret: most schools have cool hangout spots before classes start. Getting there early won’t just keep tardiness at bay, but might also save your kid from missing out on important social time.

The Grade Gossip

Billy’s tale of woe might not tell the full story. Before drafting that fiery email, consider this: teachers have a side to the story too. Communication, not confrontation, is the key. The expression “ more with honey” applies here.

One Among Many

Don’t forget, your child isn’t the sole star of the teacher’s show. Multiply your pride by 150 – that’s the number of students under a teacher’s wing. Teachers generally cover more than one group.  A little empathy for their workload can go a long way.

Passion is Contagious

Teachers are education enthusiasts, and their enthusiasm is catchy. If parents radiate apathy towards learning, guess what? Kids catch on. The more positivity you pump into your child’s education, the more they’ll thrive.

Brain Fuel Matters

Hungry minds can’t focus, and empty stomachs don’t make for ideal students. Make sure your little Einstein is well-fed, but swap sugary snacks for brain-fueling bites. It’s not just the rush – it’s the crash that comes after.

Keep it PG

Classroom language has its own dress code. Teach your kids the language etiquette – what’s ok at home might not fly at school.

Let’s Talk, Shall We?

Some students are shy stars, sparkling privately. Encourage them to seek one-on-one chats with teachers before or after school, or even during lunch. Sometimes, a quiet moment speaks volumes.

The Parent Playdate

A class is like a bouquet – diverse and colorful. Get to know the parents of your child’s classmates. It’s more than just playdates; it’s an alliance for pick-ups, drop-offs, and the occasional homework SOS.

The Inside Scoop

Teachers crave a sneak peek into your child’s personality. Do they need glasses? Can they focus for an eternity or a nanosecond? Share the quirks and traits; it’s the secret recipe for a tailored education.

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

Early to bed, early to succeed. Young minds need their beauty sleep – it’s science, not just a clever rhyme.

Beyond the Classroom

Clubs, teams, and student government. Encourage your child to spread their social wings beyond the classroom. They might just discover a tribe that loves video games as much as they do.

Perfection Isn’t Required

Dear parents, we know you’re juggling more than you let on. Homework glitches, lunchbox losses – it’s okay, really. Perfection isn’t the goal; the journey is what counts. Forgiveness all around makes life so much more peaceful.

Partners in Dream-Chasing

The golden rule of education: parents and teachers are in this together. Teachers are dream weavers, weaving happiness and success into your child’s life tapestry like you are. So, here’s to happy, thriving students – the shared goal that unites all.

There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth (or should we say, from the teacher’s desk). A special shout out to Halina for the insights and first hand accounts of a day in the life of a teacher.  The hidden gems teachers secretly wish you knew. As you usher in another school year, remember your partnership with these unsung heroes will shape your child’s future in ways you might not even imagine. Cheers to education, collaboration, and a dash of teacher-approved fun!

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