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27 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Talk offers tips on how to instill healthy eating habits in kids

With a bombardment of information about the newest super foods, what to eat to lose weight, foods that can prevent cancer – it has become increasingly difficult for adults, let alone children, to develop healthy eating habits.

In February, the Eleanor London Cote St. Luc Public Library is hosting a talk to help parents teach their kids healthy attitudes about food. Clare Lord is the founder of the WISE Philosophy, a program for emotional eaters who use food to numb and avoid uncomfortable feelings. Lord will talk about how to help children develop a healthy relationship with food, covering topics like self-esteem, body image and dealing with media influence.

Lord said many parents don’t think these topics are important for their younger children and put off talking to their kids about things like body image until they’re teenagers. “Unfortunately that’s just way too late,” she said, pointing out that she’s met children as young as 8 who are so concerned about their appearance that they won’t wear shorts in the summer.

Lord, who has a background in psychology and education, says children and adults look for things to soothe them when they’re feeling down. For children, the most easily accessible comfort is food. By working on self-esteem and feelings of competency and worthiness, that kind of emotional eating can be prevented.

The free talk will take place Tuesday, Feb. 9 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 5851 Cavendish Blvd. Registration is required; call 514-485-6900 ext. 4121.

For more information on the library’s children’s programs, visit csllibrary.org/childrensprograms.

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