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20 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Student will shave head in honour of young cousin who lost battle with cancer

On May 29, Olivia Iorio, a 17-year-old student at Sacred Heart School, will shave her head in honour of her 8-year-old cousin, Vincenzo, who passed away in April following a battle with cancer.

Olivia made the decision to go bald after her cousin was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in May 2015. Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer that forms in different types of nerve tissues.

The gesture is part of her six-month campaign to raise $10,000 for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The fundraiser is called Bald and Beautiful Heroes and the name was inspired by Vincenzo’s motto “Bald is Beautiful.”

Olivia has surpassed her goal, having already raised $12,000. “I’m very happy to have reached my goal,” Olivia says. “But I would definitely like to raise more.”

All proceeds will be donated to the 7th floor of the Montreal Children’s Hospital, which houses the Hematology-Oncology department. “I want to help improve the kids’ stay and give them a feeling of home,”  Olivia says. All donations will go towards purchasing TVs, tablets and board games for the kids.

Olivia will shave her head in the reception room of Sacred Heart at 8:30 a.m. in front of the whole school, just in time for her prom next month. Her hair will be donated and made into a wig for a child who needs it.

For 156 years, Sacred Heart has been teaching its students to promote social awareness and nurture their communities. With her initiative, Olivia will implement the values she has learned during her five years at the all-girls Catholic school.

To donate to Olivia’s cause, please visit www.childrenfoundation.com/fundraiser/bald-and-beautiful-heroes.

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