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There is no better way to keep your kids active and healthy than by having them take part in a sport they enjoy and the greater Montreal area offers many amazing sports for kids!

Of course, there is hockey, ringuette, skiing, soccer and swimming but our city also offers some lesser known activities, such as fencing, baseball, martial arts, sailing and rowing, squash, horseback riding, and fitness (just to name a few).

Check out all of the great options available and just maybe your child will find a new passion!



1555 St. Patrick

Montreal, H3K 2C8

(514) 989-9656

Category: Rock climbing

Centre d'Escalade Vertical


514-364-3320 ext.6138

Category: Rock climbing

Clip 'n Climb



Category: Rock climbing

Horizon Roc Climbing Centre

2350 Dickson St.

Montreal, H1N 3T1

(514) 899-5000

Category: Rock climbing