SkyTag brings high-flying fun to the West Island

Skytag is Montreal's largest trampoline park and laser tag arena located in D.D.O.

Dodgeball can be a thrill on its own, but imagine the look on your child’s face when a trampoline court is thrown into the mix. This is exactly what SkyTag offers for birthdays, field trips, or a day of fun.

The trampolines can also be used on their own. SkyTag will be adding a laser tag component to their high-bouncing concept this fall and is in the process of designing a 7,000-square-foot arena.

The SkyKids zone allows children under six and their parents a designated area to jump around in a safe zone. For teens 13 and up, and kids at heart, an all-you-can-jump soiree called SkyJam is available from 9 p.m. to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

SkyTag’s party rooms accommodate 20 or 40 guests with a party host, water, food, gifts for the birthday boy or girl, and online invitations.

Skytag is located at 77 Brunswick Blvd. in D.D.O.

For prices and reservations, visit