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04 Dec, Sunday
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Shakespeare’s play touring parks this summer

Shakespeare fans and theatre lovers can, once again, rejoice this summer as Repercussion Theatre puts on its new production of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. This play tells the story of Julius Caesar’s return to Rome from civil war to a hero’s welcome. Political opinions clash as the people call for Caesar to be crowned, while Caius Cassius, a Roman senator, coordinates a conspiracy bent on putting an end to this ambitious idea. Tensions mount and blades are kept close at hand, as the best interests of the people, and the future of Rome itself, stand on the brink of chaos.

This political drama explores the fine line between personal ambition and the general good, and — with a cast of only women — explores the relationship between gender and power. The production stays true to Shakespeare’s original intentions and includes a high level of stage combat, live drumming, and a strong aesthetic style.

The play runs from July 7 to Aug. 3 at various parks around Montreal. Admission is free, but donations to support the theatre are accepted.

For more information, call 514-931-2644 or visit repercussiontheatre.com.

For a full list of play dates, times and locations, click here.

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