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02 Dec, Friday
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Montreal Families

Seven circus shows coming to town

From high-flying acrobats and singers to dancers and whimsical clowns, the Montreal Completement Cirque will be highlighting a lot of talent when it hosts seven circus shows from July 8-18.

A portion of this year’s festival will be held outdoors at the village on the TOHU site. So pack a picnic lunch and experience the whimsical world of circus; you may even meet an acrobat or two meandering through the gardens or a clown bursting with laughter.

This year’s event is aptly titled Montreal Almost Circus, due to COVID-19 restrictions that have called for innovative adaptations of the art form.  The TOHU village is just one of those adaptations.

“So what will be cool is the idea that you can show up and have your lunch, and then you can see a circus performers going around [the TOHU village], and then you can see the show,” says Ruth Wilker, deputy director of Circus Programming at TOHU. She also says the circus is a great first step into the performing arts for kids and an art form that people of all ages can connect with.

Some shows will be held outside while others will be indoors or under the big-top, in true circus fashion.


Ages 6 and up
July 2-11.
75 minutes. $44.
Produced by Cirque Alfonse.

Though the festival officially runs from July 8-18, this show starts earlier, on July 2. This show includes circus, song, dance, theatre, and, of course, music. Expect a ride on a journey of reinvented land with an upside-down barn, following the story of a farmer and his array of sassy animal companions through a mishmash of song, dance, and circus performance.

Ages 6 & up
July 13-18.
75 minute, $39.59.
Produced by FLIP Fabrique.

Follow the comedic narrative of an expressive Charlie Chaplan-esque clown who has lost his way and found himself in a bizarre and surreal world. A mystery waiting to be solved, this show is full of acrobatic expertise and mystery, and promises lots of laughter.

Cabaret Yam!
All ages
July 7-18, $29
Produced by Kabalanté Production

This show includes acrobatic feats to the beat of West African dance rhythms. Singers, dancers, musicians and acrobats unite to produce a multicultural show under the TOHU big top. Time for some mesmerizing flips and tricks, and a beat that will make you want to move along.


The Stars Are Falling
Ages 12 and up
July 8-17, $29
110 minutes
Produced by Cirque du Soleil Terrasse

This nighttime outdoor show’s theme is around the legends of the constellation. Dive into space and discover the sagas of The Big Dipper, Orion and Cassiopeia that loom above our heads shining brightly in the night sky. Fifteen artists converge on stage for this illuminating nighttime performance that brings the audience up into a celestial realm of wonder. The show will include theatre, circus, dance and music.

Cassiopée – crédit Maxim Paré-Fortin

Ages 6 & up
July 8-18, $29
90 minutes

This show is infused with contemporary dance. Audience members will walk through the garden of rocks, trees and groves as eight acrobat-dancers lead the show, seeking higher and greater heights and inspiring acrobatic falls.

Cabaret du Jugement Dernier
All ages
July 9-17, $38.95
60 minutes

This evening show will feature some of the province’s best circus performers who will be judged by the audience – vote for your favourite.  An awards ceremony will follow the final show on July 17, and the winner of the Golden Chalice and People’s Choice Awards will be presented.

Le Monastère Cabaret ©Caroline_Thiba

12 and up
July 8-18, $24

There is no better way to enjoy the city on a summer evening than a glorious walk through Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal and the Mile End. Now add circus into the mix. Spectators will walk from one place to another, guided by three circus performers along the way for a multidisciplinary outdoor adventure. This unique show takes place along three routes. The theme? Fun! Explore the city, circus, and the unlimited potential for fun.

Émile Pineault © Vjosana Shkurti

Seating for both indoor and outdoor shows will be spaced six feet apart. For more information or to book tickets,  click here.

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