Send a letter to Santa…and get one back!

Learn how to send a letter to Santa Claus, through his helper elves at Canada Post, and receive a letter back in time for Christmas.

Mailing Santa Claus your Christmas wish list is a cherished childhood tradition, and Canadian children are lucky because Santa answers every letter he receives.

Thanks to thousands of volunteers at Canada Post, children who send a letter addressed to the big guy in the North Pole receive an answer in the language they used, including braille. Children are invited to be creative in their letters, but there are two important rules to follow: make sure to put a return address on your envelope and write in ink so there’s no smudging. This ensures that each child can receive a reply.

The Canada Post website even has a letterhead template you and your child can print out to write the letter.

While wish lists are good, Santa really loves to read about your child’s favourite sports, jokes, school activities or family fun. And he loves to get pictures and drawings.

One other important (and funny) guideline from Canada Post: “Although Santa loves to receive letters and drawings, putting cookies and treats in your envelope is not a good idea as they will get crushed and damaged by the time they reach Santa. He much prefers to eat his treats on Christmas Eve, so please have your children keep them at home for the big day!”

Canada Post letters to Santa (sent from within Canada) do not require any postage on the envelopes. The deadline to send letters is Dec. 12 to ensure your child gets a reply. (Schools and daycares: letters must be sent by Dec. 6 in order to get replies before the break for the holidays.)

For more guidelines, go to the Canada Post website.

Address to:
Santa Claus
North Pole  
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