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Selwyn House School – Michael Downey



Michael Downey, Headmaster
B.Sc. (McGill) Dip.Ed. (McGill)

Every school is like a tree. Each stands tall, separate from the rest, with strong roots and distinct characteristics.
Selwyn House is a truly unique school for boys. Our core values, like the trunk of a tree, have shaped our school’s 113 year history.

We are:

RELATIONAL – Boys’ learning should be based on relationships, responsibility, and purpose. Our students belong to a caring and relational community whose members understand each other and grow together.

INCLUSIVE – We strive to be a fully inclusive community. We teach our students to respect and work with everyone regardless of language, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or race. We shape our graduates
to go into the world prepared to bring everyone together.

EXPERIENTIAL – We believe that all children, especially boys, need to play, build and deconstruct things.
We help our students gain the courage to try without the fear of failure.

About Selwyn House School

95 chemin Côte St. Antoine
Montreal, QC H3Y 2H8

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