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26 Sep, Monday
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Montreal Families

See-through animals, literally, at the Science Centre

Animals are fascinating creatures and the new Science Centre exhibit will allow visitors to learn more than they have ever known about the ins and outs of various species.

BODY WORLDS: Animals Inside Out features the bodies of 50 animals with their skin removed, exposing their muscles, bones, organs as well as circulatory and digestive systems.

Visitors will learn about the inner workings of mammals, invertebrates, fish and birds, discovering how what’s inside an animal can explain their outward behaviours. A camel, a giraffe, a giant squid, an ostrich, a bull and even a human will be on display at the exhibit.

No animal was killed or harmed to create the exhibition, which is a collaboration between various veterinary programs, zoos, and animal groups. The exhibit will run until Sept. 11. The Montreal Science Centre is at 2 de la Commune St. W. in the Old Port.

For more information or to buy tickets, visit montrealsciencecentre.com.

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