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01 Dec, Thursday
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Scavenger hunts for indoor and outdoor winter fun

I’ve always loved walking. I walked miles and miles every day when my kids were little; first pushing them in their strollers, and then pulling them in wagons and sleds.

When their little legs were long enough they’d toddle along beside me to the park and along forest trails. And now that they’re older we go on evening walks around town to de-stress from the day, get in some heart-pumping exercise, and clear our minds before bed.

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve made it a priority to walk even more, and while I still love walking I might have to face it, the kids are getting pretty bored with the same routes and me pointing out the same things.

*with giant sighs* “Yes mom, we saw that same dog/snowman/bird house yesterday.”

Family scavenger hunts

If you’ve never tried one, scavenger hunts are seriously fun, no matter what your age. They can be done just about anywhere, encourage kids (and grownups!) to boost their observation skills, and are even educational. They are also a great way to encourage outdoor play and boost creativity.

The next time you need to spice up a plain walk, print out your sheets, bring along a pencil or marker, and get finding. Sometimes I like working all together to tick off each item, while other times it’s fun to make it into a (friendly) competition and see who can finish their list the fastest.

If you don’t have a premade scavenger hunt printed out, you can also enjoy these creative ways of livening up a walk:

  • try playing an alphabet hunt, where you work your way from A to Z finding things that start with each letter.
  • Throw together a simple colour hunt and try and find something in ten different colours.

Print out your own

In my quest to make our daily walks a little more interesting this winter, I’ve come up with a few printable scavenger hunts that can be used for a relaxing stroll through the neighbourhood or a nearby nature park, or for an indoor scavenger hunt around the house. Who knows, maybe it’ll even give me time for an uninterrupted cup of coffee. Doubtful, but maybe.

Because I don’t want to keep the fun all to ourselves, we’ve made the scavenger hunts below shareable. Just click each image to open a full-size PDF that you can print out for your own adventures.


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