Safe trick-or-treating for little ones

Discover how to make this holiday fun for little ones venturing out for the first time

Parent-child room decorations for Halloween

When your children are little (under age 5 or 6), make sure to plan your route carefully. Generally, children just want to visit houses where they know people, so go to the neighbours you see regularly. If you do venture farther, approach the homes cautiously as some adults answering the doors may be dressed up in scary costumes or may intentionally try to scare kids. One year, a guy answered his door in a horribly frightening monster mask that turned my youngest right off trick-or-treating.

Remember to help little ones up and down stairs and watch for trailing costumes and burning Jack o’ Lanterns. Also, try to stay away from the big groups of kids so that your little one doesn’t get pushed and shoved. Most of all, remember to have fun.

Halloween isn’t just about coming home with the biggest bag of candy. It’s about sharing a holiday where both you and your child get to play dress up and have a haunting good time.