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07 Feb, Tuesday
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Montreal Families

Rent a prom dress – for FREE

The prom: the pinnacle of teenage years, a much-hyped, much-anticipated night to celebrate one of life’s major milestones. And for better or for worse, prom night is often a source of enduring memories.

Rigaud resident Lou-Anne Hood remembers her big night. Her mother, a single parent, worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. Hood combed through her sister’s closet to find something to wear and settled on a skin-tight leopard print number. When she arrived at the dance, she quickly realized her dress wasn’t exactly right for the occasion. That was 25 years ago, and it’s a memory Hood says she’s “stuck with.”

So in March, when a social worker approached her about starting a prom-themed clothes drive, Hood jumped at the idea. “I just remembered how horrible it feels to not fit in, to not feel good enough or pretty enough,” she said. Hood is now collecting donations of prom outfits for boys, girls and their parents, which she will rent out free to people who need them, an initiative she’s calling A Promise for Prom. “You’ve gone to school for 12 years to get to this point and you deserve to have a fairytale night,” she said. She’s recruited a local dry cleaner, florist and makeup artist to donate their services and is looking for hairdressers and others who may be interested in donating their time to help out.

Hood is planning on making this an annual endeavour and said if she helps just one person this year, she’ll be happy.

Those interested in donating or receiving outfits can visit the Facebook page at facebook.com/apromiseforprom or email apromiseforprom@hotmail.com

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