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04 Dec, Sunday
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Quebec invests $300 million for young people

Quebec Premier François Legault recently announced the province’s Youth Action Plan 2021- 2024, which includes 130 measures relating to employment, entrepreneurship, education, health, citizenship, environment, and culture. Over the next three years, the government will inject more than $300 million to enable Quebec’s youth to reach their full potential and help build Quebec’s new economy.

Of the 130 proposed measures, 80 are new or improved and are expected to allow the government to reach some 500,000 Quebecers aged 15 to 29 each year.

The result of a broad national consultation, the Premier says the plan is in line with the needs of Quebec youth. “This plan has been created with young people from all the different regions in Quebec,” said Legault at a June 13, 2021 news conference in Montreal. “All of these measures will be done with young people because it’s important that they build the future.”

The Premier noted that the Action Plan also takes into account the evolution of certain issues — notably the environment and mental health — put forward by the COVID-19 pandemic and that it opens up important opportunities for young people so that they can contribute to Quebec’s economic recovery.

Supporting youth in the evolving job market

To equip young people for new technological developments and the transforming labour market, the government will support nearly 100,000 young people throughout their training and integration in their future professions.

Promote positive mental health

Young people are among the groups most affected psychologically by the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The government’s health measures will aim to achieve three objectives, namely to promote positive mental health in young people, to promote the adoption of healthy and safe behaviours, and to encourage the adoption of good eating habits as well as a physically active lifestyle.

Legault acknowledged that many young people are currently lacking access to mental health services. “The money is available and the jobs are available, but there is currently a lack of trained professionals. We’re trying to put in place all the resources as soon as possible to decrease the waiting lists.”

Environmental actions

The environment and the fight against climate change are at the top of the list of demands from young people and organizations. Actions to educate all Quebecers, particularly through various school communities, will be stepped up. The unveiled Action Plan will include measures to equip young people who have and will have to face the climate crisis. As such, actions are planned to support environmental education and promote eco-citizenship, contribute to the creation of green living environments, and facilitate young people’s contact with nature.

Legault cites the pandemic as an opportunity to build back a more innovative and greener Quebec. “All of these measures will be done with young people because it’s important that they build the future.”

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