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30 Jan, Monday
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Montreal Families

Photography camps aim to impress teens

There’s a certain magic in being able to capture a moment in time and preserving it for future reflection — something professional photographer Victoria de Martigny knows all too well.  She also knows, from her own experience growing up, how irksome it is to be a creative teen without an outlet.
So this summer, de Martigny’s studio, Creative Perspectives, is offering a week-long photography camp for teens 13 to 17. The camp will provide a space for students to learn the basic pillars of photography while having the opportunity to get outside and explore Montreal’s natural surroundings.

“Teens need to have an opportunity to explore creative things,” de Martigny says. “There’s a ton of camps for hiking, horseback riding, and other sports activities but what about the teens who want to explore their creative side?”

Campers will begin their day learning about an element of photography,  such as composition, lighting, posing, and so on. The camp’s purpose is to teach teens how to get away from the auto button by showing them how to use the different settings on their cameras. In the afternoons, there will be an assignment that focuses on material covered during the morning. Teens will be given a chance to photograph each other, animals, and cityscapes around Montreal.

To cap things off there will be a vernissage at the end of the summer, the tentative date being Aug. 15, when students will have samples of their work printed, framed, and put on exhibition at the studio.

Creative Perspectives Photo Camp offers two sessions: July 13 to 17 and Aug. 3 to 7. Cost for registration is $350; students must bring their own DSLR camera and lens.

For more information, contact 514-242-5022 or visit creativeperpectives.ca.

Kathleen Girard, a 15 year veteran of the trade and owner of Cookie et sa garde robe, is looking forward to introducing her own photography camp this July.

Cookie’s Photography Camp, also geared towards teens 13 to 17. The program will put a unique focus on how to use digital devices, like iPhones and tablets, to capture and create beautiful, surprising images.

The camp will teach the fundamentals of good photography such as subject, colour, tone, and movement. However, instead of a professional grade camera, the camp’s focus is on exploring how everyday digital devices can be used as a vehicle for creating quality images. There will be many field trips around the West Island to give students a chance to take portraits, capture spontaneous moments, and create cityscapes. Students will also be taught how to manipulate and print their work.

“The camp focuses on seeing things through different viewpoints, on looking at things from outside the box,” Girard  says. “We’re all going to the same location with different tools, and will be capturing different images. It’s to show them (teens) what they can do with something so simple.”

On July 27, Girard will hold a vernissage, complete with wine, cheese, and cupcakes, where every student will get a chance to exhibit what they’ve created in the company of friends and family.

Both photography camps hope to counter what they see as a lack of creative workshops and resources for teens, and aim to teach students the major elements of photography while encouraging them to channel their own creativity and vision into something positive and tangible.

Cookie’s Photo Camp offers three sessions: July 6, 13, and 20, and costs $299 plus tax.

For more information, contact 514-783-1370 or visit cookiephoto.ca.

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