Pearson Electro-Technology Centre (PEC)



As our world continues to change at a dizzying pace, innovation has become the new normal. Few of us imagine managing our daily lives without some reliance on technologies that did not exist only a few years ago. A look back on the developments of the past three decades reveals a profound transformation in the way we communicate and interact. Technological innovation is an exploding industry and is also redefining every field of commercial and social activity. Technology has changed the way we work, pay our bills, shop, monitor our health, learn, and manage our time.

Such a wave of change has created new areas of career opportunities and a demand for new training programs for those eager to explore new territory. The Pearson Electro-technology Centre is dedicated to offering information technology programs and is the only school offering training in telecommunications in English. PEC offers daytime and evening vocation programs in: Electricity and the Installation and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment, Telecommunications and  Computing Support.  We now have 665 full-time students and a staff of more than 50 teachers.

As a technology centre, PEC is at the forefront and is continually updating program content. PEC has its finger on the industry’s pulse thanks to our valued partnerships with BICSI, Microsoft, Belden and CISCO which gives our students a cutting edge – they graduate with certifications that would, otherwise, cost thousands of dollars in additional training. PEC cultivates relationships with local firms to offer valuable work training placements for our students. PEC is equipped with a 21st Century Learning Centre where students have access to interactive technology that allows them to collaborate using SmartBoards, SmartTables, tablets and a comfortable meeting space to work on projects and study together. Senior students are encouraged to mentor beginners and students have opportunities to work on real-life, hands-on projects within the program.

Along with all schools within the Lester B. Pearson School Board, PEC supports lifelong learning. Many of our students choose to complete more than one program offered in the centre and some choose to continue their studies at the college level. Dawson College and Vanier College recognize our graduates’ qualifications through a bridging program. Those who take advantage of the program receive credits for courses they have already mastered and can complete a Diploma of collegial studies more quickly.

Our classes welcome a diverse group of students including young people who have recently completed high school, adults looking for a new career and new citizens who need Canadian credentials to start their new life. Our programs are tuition-free and qualify for the Quebec Loans and Bursaries program. This paves the way for anyone eager to explore a new career.

“When coming into the Telecom Program I didn’t know what to expect. I started to realize all the career opportunities after the program. It’s unbelievable the job opportunities available in this industry. Doing the fiber optics structured cabling modules motivated me to continue the program.” -George Anoussis

“My experience in attending the evening Telecommunication Course at Lester B. Pearson has been a truly amazing experience. I can sincerely say that studying at the school was life changing for me because it has directed me towards a clearer perspective to reach my goals/objectives in this profession. My humble thanks to my teachers and colleagues for this excellent partnership.” -Julien Lemyre

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