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20 Mar, Monday
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Pave the way to better sleep for kids

It’s not always easy to ensure our kids get adequate sleep. Being overtired, overexcited or anxious, and changes in routines can all lead to disrupted rest. And that can lead to issues at school.

To help parents and educators support the development of healthy bedtime and sleep habits, LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) launched The Goodnight Bag Resources. The non-profit educational organization that serves the English-speaking community has a website filled with resources for children 3 to 5 and their families that aims to pave the way to better sleep.

There is a cute and fun Bedtime Routine Checklist for a consistent sleep routine, a colouring book, activities, videos from sleep experts full of tips on healthy sleeping habits, and more.


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According to the 2020 ParticipACTION Report Cards on Physical Activity, two years ago Canadian children received a grade of “B” for sleep. The report recommends that sleep health literacy — such as The Goodnight Bag Resources — should be integrated into school curriculums. Better sleep will ensure children’s proper growth and development, help with school readiness, and foster life-long health.

Good sleep hygiene is associated with positive sleep outcomes, such as longer sleep duration and better quality of sleep. Good sleep hygiene includes regular bedtimes, consistent bedtime routines (e.g., bathing, brushing teeth, reading) and screen-free bedrooms. — 2020 ParticipACTION Report Cards on Physical Activity

About the project

The My Goodnight Bag project was developed by LEARN as a Family Engagement and Parent Support Strategy and made possible thanks to the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN,) Canadian Parents for French (CPF) and contributions by Frontier College and Naitre et Grandir.

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