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05 Jul, Tuesday
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Montreal Families

Participate in a family study at Concordia University’s PERFORM Centre

Researchers at Concordia University and the University of British Columbia, led by Dr. Tamara Cohen, are launching a new study at Concordia University’s PERFORM Centre to learn more about parents’ and children’s eating behaviours. They are looking for families with children between five and eleven to participate.

Why are they doing this study?

Parents have a major influence on their children’s eating habits, however very little is known about how parents’ and children’s eating behaviours differ or are the same from each other. The researchers will use this information to create family-based interventions to help parents and their children build positive eating behaviours to favour long term health.

What is involved in the study?

All members of a family will come to the PERFORM Centre for a brief assessment session (approximately 45 minutes). The parents will fill out a series of questionnaires about eating behaviours and all members of the family will be weighed and measured.

After the assessment session, families will be sent home with a tablet and a tripod to film four family meals at home. Support by the research team will be provided, so do not worry if you are not tech savvy! When the family has completed the filming, a courier service will come pick up the tablet.

Who can participate in the study?

  • Families with a child or children between 5 and 11 years (no children outside of that age range)
  • Families who speak English or French during meal time
  • Parents who can fill out questionnaires in English
  • Families who have access to Wi-Fi at home
  • Other eligibility criteria will apply, contact the researchers for more information!

Families will be offered a President’s Choice Gift Card worth up to CAD $200 as compensation for their time.

Please email perform.family.meal@gmail.com or call 514-848-2424 ext. 4164 to participate or for more information about this study!

To learn more about the lab’s research activities, visit and like our Facebook page @NEBLab or consult our website here!

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