Parking app helps avoid tickets

Visitors can top up a parking meter from their phone and no longer worry about getting parking violations

With Montreal’s notorious reputation for summer construction, street closures and detours, it can sometimes be difficult to find parking near your destination. Instead of having to trek back to the meter, drivers can pay for parking using a mobile application regardless of their current location.

The application, called P$ Mobile Service is free to download but is only available on smart phones. Users can, however, access the service online through a computer as well. In order to access the service, users have to open an account and enter their contact and payment information. They can also choose to receive a notification via text message or email alerting them 15 minutes before their parking is set to expire.

Cost: the app is free to download, but there is a service fee of $0.20 for each transaction

Methods of payment: Visa and MasterCard credit cards 

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