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27 Mar, Monday
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Park has state-of-the-art play structures

Having two kids with a five-year age gap, it can sometimes be tricky finding a playground that both of them enjoy. The 13-year-old is well past the age of sitting in the sandbox making castles and would be happy with play structures similar to something found on American Ninja Warrior, while the 8-year-old loves monkey bars and climbing approximately 20,000 feet high. This park turned out to be a great find. Newly renovated, and recently reopened, we visited in early May — hence the hoodies and bare trees — and they’ve since asked repeatedly when we can go back.

With a splash pad, fun toddler playground, cool big-kid area, neat swings, musical instruments, and tons more, this is a great park for kids of all ages and abilities and is a super addition to this cute neighbourhood.

Park has state-of-the-art play structures

Unique play equipment

While not huge, the small space has a ton of new-to-the-market products with great play value. The main section of the park — which includes a huge structure, a unique cable climber, music, and quiet sections — is on soft poured-in-place rubber surfacing, offering safety and accessibility to those using mobility devices.

The big-kid climber has multiple ladders and rungs, a roller slide, tall slides, cables to climb, ADA-accessible stairs, challenging monkey bars, and a climbing wall. Both kids enjoyed challenging themselves with all the ways up and down. I especially liked that there are wide stairs, so even younger kids can get up to the bigger slides if they’re not comfortable with the other options.

Nearby are super fun inclusive products at ground level like drums and a xylophone for sweet melodies (or for whacking away on), a slide-puzzle, modules to turn and touch, and a bench area, which is meant as a “calming escape” for kids who want to be on their own for a bit.

The giant net in the middle of the park is a super cool modern design, with multiple access points and great for a variety of ages. There were many calls of “Watch this!” as the boys tried out the different climbing sections and slid down the metal rungs. Off to the side are a couple of adult swings, and a tandem multigenerational swing for interactive fun.

The toddler section is fully fenced but unfortunately has no latching gate. The daycare who were visiting used scarves and ropes to block it off. Explore the cheery yellow climber with its slides, stairs, and a climbing wall. Play in the small sandbox, have a rest at the table for two or try out the swings. There’s also the cutest stand-up “driving station” where young drivers can get a head start on their road skills. There’s a bit of shade here if you want to pause for a picnic, and bring your towels and bathing suits for a run through the tiny splash pad located right beside the play area.

The rest of the park has a small green space, a new outdoor ping pong table, and a picnic table. There’s also a teeny hill that would be good for toddler sledding in the winter.

To prolong your outing, head over to the nearby Verdun Beach, where you can play on the interesting slide and climbing wall, and spend an hour lounging on the sand.

Park amenities:

  • The splash pad is on from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Touch the sensor on the post to start the water sequence. The water will turn off automatically.
  • This park is very popular with local daycares and there were about 30 kids here who left just as we were arriving. If you want to visit when it’s quiet, go during daycare naptimes which are usually just after lunch
  • The toddler section is fully fenced but NOT gated, the section for older kids has no fencing.
  • Street parking is available beside the park. There is no bathroom.

Poirier Park
3177, boulevard LaSalle, Verdun, H4G 1Z1

All photos by Christine Latreille

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