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African Tales (Rosemont)

Rosemont Library 3131 Rosemont Blvd., Montreal

Discover several African tales belonging to the rich oral tradition and explore another culture and its symbols. Animation: Jean-Marie Ntsongo


Make Manga Stickers (RDP-PAT)

Serge-Bouchard Library 14001 Notre-Dame St. E., Montreal

Create stickers on the theme of your choice or with your favorite manga characters using different drawing and coloring techniques, then transfer them to suitable paper. The hardest part will be figuring out where to stick it!


The Science of Magic (St. Laurent)

Bibliothèque du Boisé 2727 Thimens Blvd., St. Laurent

Magic or science? Children will become magicians and will be able to amaze those around them, thanks to a few magic tricks that can be explained by science!


Science Activity: Insects (Verdun)

Bibliothèque de L'Île-des-Sœurs 260 Elgar St., Montreal

Come observe these captivating critters from here and elsewhere, scrutinize certain specimens and finish with the modeling of an insect to consolidate your learning. Activity organized as part of the 24 hours of science.


My Little Garden: Potted Plants (Lachine)

Saul-Bellow Library 3100 Saint-Antoine St., Lachine

Receive a small pot to decorate and seeds to plant in it. You will have your little garden to bring home and see evolve.

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