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31 Jan, Tuesday
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Organizing solution for school lockers

Lockers may be the only place messier than a child’s bedroom. It’s no surprise when you consider what lives in that small space: books, binders, extra clothes, coats, lunchboxes, etc. Unfortunately, a messy locker isn’t just a visual disaster; it can make finding assignments, homework and materials a nightmare.

However, there is a nifty product called LockerShelf that can help sort out this mess. It is a set of shelves that create two separate compartments. It’s lightweight, easy to install and available in three sizes to fit virtually any locker.

The environmentally-friendly product (made up of 70 per cent plastic) comes in three sizes: 9, 12 and 15 inch shelves cost $36.99, while the “Ultimate” organizer, which consists of all three shelves, costs $42.99.

To order, contact local distributor Mary DeSantis, who can be reached at 514-923-9204 or mary@lockershelfsolutions.com. The product can be picked up at a location in Kirkland or delivered to your door for a fee. For more information, visit lockershelfsolutions.com.

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