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27 Jan, Friday
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Old-fashioned weapons being showcased at museum

History and literature’s swashbuckling daredevils, rebels, villains and heroes will have their weaponry exposed at the Stewart Museum beginning Feb. 25.

This museum is dedicated to showcasing the European influence across New France as well as North American history. Its newest exhibit, D’Artagnan, Al Capone and the Others – Weapons and Legends, seeks to introduce visitors to the legendary history of villains, heroes, fighters and activists from both the annals of history and the culture of film and literature.

The exhibit features 25 infamous men and women known for their use of weaponry. Guests will journey through the 13th to the 20th century, meeting personages of varying repute. The exhibit explores how these storied characters gained their reputation and asks visitors to consider “the relationship between weapons, violence and justice.”

The exhibit features such eminent arms as the Colt Thunder and the Colt Pocket revolvers from the Lucky Luke cartoons, 007’s Walther PPK and Al Capone’s Thompson submachine gun.

Visitors of every age are invited to participate in the exhibit’s interactive workshops which include film and sound clips, literary excerpts and lectures. In addition, the museum is offering special programming for spring break (March 4-8) that includes a treasure hunt, crafts, storytelling and films.

The Stewart Museum is located on Île Ste Hélène at the British Military Depot. General admission is $10 and is free for children 12 and under.

For more information, call 514-861-6701 or visit stewart-museum.org.

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