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27 Mar, Monday
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Ogilvy’s Christmas display moving to the McCord Museum

One of Montreal’s staple holiday traditions is on the move. The iconic Christmas window displays, which have been featured in Ogilvy’s department storefront every year since 1947, are moving to the McCord Museum.

According to a statement released by Ogilvy’s, the displays are being moved to “protect, preserve and ensure their continuity as a landmark of Montreal’s Christmas atmosphere.” More detailed information about the move will be released mid-November.

The department store donated $50,000 to the McCord Museum Foundation so that the displays can be maintained and revamped in the years to come. The museum will continue the tradition of displaying the Christmas scenes from mid-November until early January.

In addition, the museum will host a variety of Christmas-themed activities and workshops for kids, including its annual toy exhibition. This year’s theme is Treasures in the Attic and will be on display from Dec. 16 until March 17.

The McCord Museum is located on 690 Sherbrooke St. W. and is open from Tuesday-Sunday.

For more information, visit musee-mccord.qc.ca.

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