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Nutcracker soldiers deliver Xmas trees to your home

The general consensus is that real Christmas trees are more environmentally friendly than artificial trees and have the added benefit of supporting local farmers. But the hassle factor is legitimate; real trees can be awkward to transport, especially for those of us who lack time, height, physical strength, or a car.

Enter Merry Easy Christmas, a Christmas tree delivery service that makes having a real tree, well, easy. Customers order the tree they want online and select a delivery date. On the big day, the tree is delivered with holiday spirit by people dressed up as Nutcracker soldiers.

The Coaticook-based company began selling trees online in 2014, and has doubled its orders every year. Although the company now employs approximately 20 drivers, President David Thibault said he still occasionally dons the Nutcracker costume. “It’s really fun to deliver Christmas trees,” he said. “The kids meet us at the door, and we also have little wooden Nutcrackers we give to the kids for decorations.”

The company offers a choice of two tree varieties: fragrant Balsalm Fir and long-lasting Cook’s Blue Balsalm Fir. Various sizes are available, from tabletop trees to 10-foot giants. Customers can choose from three levels of quality as well: premium (‘perfect’ trees), economical (slight imperfections) and outdoor trees. They are all cut from the farm just one week before delivery. Refunds are available for damaged trees. Prices vary depending on the type of tree ordered, but range between $40 and $65 in the Montreal area for a premium tree.

“We try to have a Christmas tree delivered for the same price you can get one at the store,” Thibault said.

For those who want to select their own tree, the company offers a pick-your-own selection at the Canadian Tire at Quartier Dix30 in Brossard. Customers can select their tree and have it delivered to their home at a later date.

The company services an area from Montreal to Sherbrooke, and as far north as Quebec City. The service is also available in Ottawa and Toronto. Orders are placed up until Dec. 16, and trees are delivered on weekends between Nov. 24 to Dec. 16, 2018. There is also a fundraising option for schools and community organizations, which Thibault said can raise as much as $20 per tree.

Thibault noted that there are several benefits to natural trees over artificial, especially if you consider what happens to the tree after Christmas. Real trees can be composted, but artificial trees cannot be recycled. According to research cited by the David Suzuki Foundation, families who choose an artificial tree need to keep it for more than 20 years to offset the environmental impacts of its production and eventual disposal in a landfill for it to be greener than a real tree.

According to Thibeault, all trees come from the company’s Christmas tree farms in the Eastern Townships. For every two trees that are harvested, three are planted, ensuring there are always more than 300,000 trees growing at the farm.

On its website, Merry Easy Christmas claims each hectare of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of 40 to 45 people, and during their 8- to 10-year lifetime, these trees can absorb up to 32 tons of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and ethylene.

For more information, visit merryeasychristmas.com.

Updated October 2018

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