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27 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

New tutoring company opens in Montreal

Andrea Borod is passionate about books, helping kids learn and making tutoring accessible to all. As an experienced high school teacher and former head of the Montreal branch of the Prep Academy Tutors franchise, she’s taking a leap of faith and launching her own tutoring company.

She says being her own boss will allow her the freedom to merge all her passions under one banner — reading, teaching and community service. One of the changes Borod plans to implement is pro-bono tutoring. “Tutoring shouldn’t be a privilege,” she says, acknowledging the head start it gives to those who can afford it.

Her company is called Book Dumpling Tutors, named after her book-recommendation website Book Dumpling. The origin of the ‘dumpling’ moniker, Borod says, was inspired by a nickname from her husband. She explains that a dumpling is “deceptively cute” and usually has a filling. Likewise, one can never be sure what lies beyond the front cover of a book. We have to discover the “filling”. She has created a reading list of suggested titles for kids from Grades 1-6.

Andrea Borod says she is excited about her new venture

The company will cater to students from the age of 4 to the university level. Borod says she works with highly-skilled tutors who have experience teaching the Quebec Education Program curriculum as well as International Baccalaureate and American-based programs. They can also assist students who have  Individual Education Plans or who are in gifted programs.

Prospective students will be required to fill out a form on the website detailing their specific needs and learning preferences. Borod will then consider everything from the student’s learning style to personality before providing an option of three tutors.

One aspect of her new venture that Borod says she is particularly passionate about is assistance with executive functioning. Having had her own educational challenges with executive functioning, a hallmark symptom of inattentive Attention Deficit Disorder, Borod knows first-hand the importance of adapting different strategies to fit different ways students learn.

At the end of September, Book Dumpling Tutors will be holding a workshop geared towards sharing tips and strategies for students who struggle with executive functioning.

In the future, Borod said she plans on adding an annual school supply drive and a Christmas toy drive. For more information, visit bookdumplingtutors.com.


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