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08 Dec, Thursday
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Montreal Families

New Titan ride to dominate La Ronde skyline

A new ride opening at La Ronde promises an adrenaline rush for even the bravest thrill-seekers. Titan will tower more than 45 metres above La Ronde, swinging a giant spinning pendulum at speeds up to 112 km per hour.

Up to 40 passengers at a time can brave the swaying, dizzying ride, going higher and higher in the air until they experience a feeling of weightlessness. The name was inspired by the Titans of Greek legends who were giant godlike beings who dominated all of creation. The new ride will open during the 2017 season, which starts on May 20.

A limited number of strollers are available to rent on-site, and the park offers a “Baby Swap” option for families, which allows parents or family members to take turns enjoying a ride and staying with young children. When the first group comes off the ride, the second group can swap places to board right away without having to wait in line again.

La Ronde is operated by Six Flags and is the largest amusement park in Eastern Canada. It boasts more than 40 rides and attractions, including seven roller coasters and an area of the park with less-intense activities for younger children. Annual passes to the park are available online. For more information, visit laronde.com

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