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04 Dec, Sunday
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Montreal Families

New STEM camp opens on West Island

A new day camp by Inventor STEM School will be offering eight, weekly session this summer. There are three age groups for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Using a variety of programming software and materials, kids build robots as they learn how to code. They will also learn world building and backend development via Minecraft.

Camp director Tetiana Skarzhanovska says science, technology, engineering and mathematics gives children skills to promote critical thinking.

There will be a new curriculum each week, and topics vary by age: younger campers learn about “world travels” or “fun transport,” while older campers have more intricate themes, learning the ins and outs of urban infrastructure and space travel. The older the child; the more complex the lessons.

“We’re [all] about empowering children to think critically, to ask questions, to invent something, to be creative,” Skarzhanovska said. “We know that these are the skills they need to have in the future.”

The camp will host 18 kids per week, split into three classrooms with new ventilation systems. Each child is assigned a desk with a laptop, an iPad, a LEGO kit and a science experiment kit.

Outdoor time in the morning and afternoon will break up the 90-minute indoor lessons. There are several parks within 15 minutes of the main site, one of which will be the daily drop-off and pick-up zone. Parents are not allowed on site once camp starts but they can arrange individual tours with their children in June.

The camp is located at 4503 St. Jean Blvd. in D.D.O. The sessions begin on June 28 and run until August 20. Campers are asked to sign health declaration forms and undergo temperature checks, and all other government protocols will be observed. Camp runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with extended care until 5:30 p.m.

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