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22 Mar, Wednesday
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Montreal Families

New program teaches kids how to make dolls

Want your child to spend more time using their hands instead of staring at a screen? Fionsy Doll Party is a company that does birthday parties and is offering an after-school program that teaches children aged 7 and up how to make folk-inspired dolls using recyclable materials.

The 12-week after-school program kicks off this fall with workshops for students at St. George’s and The Priory schools for four days per week.

For the first four weeks, students will learn the history and basics of doll-making, experiment with materials and make their first doll. Fiona will be on hand to guide students through demonstrations and tutorials. For the remaining weeks, students will make their second and third dolls, and advance their skills by making baby and animal dolls, as well as clothes and furniture to help bring their dolls to life. The program will end with a dress-up party.

Kids are encouraged to use their imagination to make a unique doll, either using the locally sourced materials provided or by bringing their own old clothes and jewelry.

Older students, in Grades 4-6, can join the advanced sewing and textiles course taking place at St. George’s. They will make one doll while also learning the basics of sewing, embroidery and fabrics. The program culminates with a doll photo shoot.

Fionsy Doll Party also offers kids’ birthday parties, baby showers or team-building events at the location of your choice. The activity lasts about two and a half hours and pre-made dolls and materials are provided. The sessions cost $30 per child and there must be at least six kids.

For more information, call 438-989-8164 or visit fionsydollparty.com.

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