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27 Mar, Monday
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New online tool aims to boost literacy in young kids

Parents and teachers have a new tool to promote English learning in the classroom and at home. Building on the popularity of its digital game-based Prodigy Math, used by millions of students globally, learning provider Prodigy Education has launched a game focused on literacy.

Prodigy English (CNW Group/Prodigy Education)

Prodigy English, available for Grades 1-5, uses the same technology as its math counterpart, and allows students to build an online world with graduated challenges adapted to their individual development. Students find supplies and craft items, complete tasks such as collecting weeds and beach items, and explore their interactive environment while answering questions on core English skills that include reading, rhyming, phonetics, and spelling. The more questions you answer, the more supplies you can collect to build your world.

The philosophy behind the technology is that if kids are having fun online, they will be motivated to continue playing and learn.  In the future, the company will add additional curriculum and skills for up to Grade 8.

In 2021, almost 500,000 teachers across North America used the free Prodigy Math platform for their students and many requested other content from the developers. “Teachers and parents have been asking us for an English game for as long as we can remember,” said Alex Peters, Co-CEO of Prodigy Education. “We’re thrilled to bring our market-leading, game-based learning approach to a completely new subject.”

Rohan Mahimker, Co-CEO of Prodigy, said the launch is a major milestone for Prodigy and allows them to take students on a brand new learning adventure.

Teachers, parents or students can create accounts for free. Optional memberships can be purchased to access additional features designed to help boost engagement.

Used in classrooms and at home, Prodigy offers even more specific customization by allowing teachers to pick certain topics to assign to all or select students — either in class or as homework. Educators can monitor students’ learning progress and set assignments through a dashboard.  Parents are also able to track their child’s progress through a parent portal, including recent activity and skills their children have been working on.

For more information, or to create a free parent or teacher account for Prodigy English and Math, visit prodigygame.com

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