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27 Mar, Monday
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New LEGO video game just released on game consoles

Blocks are going to fly as LEGO Brawls releases on all major game consoles. Originally introduced in September of 2019 on Apple Arcade, players in this game build and battle with customizable mini figures and LEGO-themed arenas.

While I’d prefer that my two kids (9 & 14) limit their time playing video games, at least with this one, the whole family can play.

Battle through epic lego themes

In LEGO Brawls, kids can team up with friends (or parents!) in battles that take place on a variety of colourful-themed levels familiar to LEGO fans. There are old-school classics like Space and Castle, and fan-favourites such as Jurassic World, Ninjago, and Alien Conquest. Each level offers different game modes, unique challenges, and ways to win.

Geared towards even the youngest of players, gameplay is simple. Up and down buttons allow your mini figure to jump to higher levels or crush cubes, and a single attack button controls a trident, a knight’s sword, a pair of boxing gloves, a lightsaber, or other weapons

Customize your mini figure hero

The platform emphasizes customization; the animated action is different each game session — whether players are battling in a pirate ship or in a jungle filled with dinosaurs. Players can choose from a dizzying array of mini figure parts, accessories, melee weapons, power-ups, emotes, and names to build their winning brawler. Seasonal events and content create even more possibilities.

“In a uniquely LEGO approach to the genre, imagination, self-expression, and zany humour set the stage for the game’s true-to-form, light-hearted competition style,” said Brian Lovell, CEO of Red Games Co., LEGO’s longtime partner in game development. “LEGO Brawls breaks into new territory that encourages individuality, team collaboration, and pure competitive fun.”

Players have multiple ways of challenging themselves. Each level offers different game modes, win conditions, and players can unlock and purchase a variety of wacky LEGO figures (hotdog suit anyone?) and plenty of outfits and character elements.

Cross-platform play

During multiplayer online play, players can compete in a team-based contest of 4v4, gather collectibles in Collect Mode levels, play a battle royale-style game where it’s “every-mini figure-for-themself,” or have a free-for-brawl where the last LEGO standing wins. In Party Mode, players can play private games with friends locally or online. And with cross-platform support, players everywhere can team up and compete, regardless of their game system.

LEGO Brawls is available now via Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store for Xbox, Steam, Apple Arcade, and GeForce NOW.

For more information, visit www.legobrawlsgame.com.

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