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01 Apr, Saturday
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Montreal Families

New immersive show launched by OASIS

Sit back, relax, and let yourself be immersed by transformé, the newest experience from OASIS immersion.

Inaugurated on January 19, 2023, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, transformé is the worldwide premiere of an interactive and sensory-laden voyage rooted in real-life stories that portray the power of courage and empathy.

“The transformé exhibition sprang from a desire to explore the idea of converging individual-based virtual reality immersion with our own OASIS brand of collective immersion, for the purpose of building a narrative around shifting our perspective to others’ point of view, so we may recognize how powerful a force courage and empathy are in our lives,” explained Denys Lavigne, CEO and cofounder of OASIS immersion.

Credit: Victorine Yok-Thot Sentilhes

The walkthrough exhibit takes approximately 80 minutes to go between the three connected galleries that house the show. Eight works originally designed for virtual reality headsets have been reformatted, and some reinvented by the creative and technical teams at OASIS. Viewers are not just placed in front of individual VR screens, but are part of an all-encompassing shared experience, where current issues like mental health, compassion, inequality, diversity and wonder are addressed through sights and sounds.

“Developing transformé was the fruit of a unique collaboration involving our creative and technical teams and a group of talented virtual reality artists,” said Julie Castonguay, Executive Producer at OASIS immersion. “It was a painstaking process at the storytelling, technical and research levels through working with AI and creating the show’s soundscape.”

Tickets are on sale at oasis.im
It is important to arrive on time. Visitors can travel the rooms with a stroller and a café/lounge is available on site. 

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