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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

New “dry” rides at Sauveur Water Park

The Mont St. Sauveur Water Park is adding some “dry” activities with the under 10 age group in mind. The $500,000 investment includes four rides that will be located right near the Alpine Roller Coaster called the Viking.

Set to open early in July, there will be a traditional teacup ride, where you spin around in brightly-decorated cups. There will also be a plane ride that rotates on a central axis and goes up and down so the kids feel like they are flying as well as a tree ride where a row of seats go up and down a central pillar. Finally, visitors can try a tandem zip line called the Dragon, in which two people sit together and are pulled up the mountain backwards and then glide down the mountain facing the spectacular views.

For more information, call (450) 227-4671 or go to www.parcaquatique.com.

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