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02 Dec, Friday
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Montreal Families

New app puts history of Old Port at your fingertips

A new app provides families with a unique way to explore the Old Port. Montreal en Histoires lets visitors wander the streets and discover the history of the city through nighttime and daytime circuits. Anyone with a smartphone can download the app and select various routes as narrators guide you through 50 points of interest with historic visuals. Users with Wi-Fi can sign in for free and experience the past through augmented reality technology, which can immerse you in a famous time and place in history. This technology driven experience is a great way to encourage kids to discover the city and learn about important individuals and places that have shaped Montreal.

The Cité Mémoire feature includes a series of approximately 20 pieces of art that illustrate fascinating encounters with well known and not-so-well-known characters who contributed to the rich and colourful history of the city. It also brings the city’s past to life through art murals on walls,. You can groove to the rhythm of jazzmen from the Red Light District, discover how baseball Hall-of-Famer Jackie Robinson spent his time in Montreal and learn about the exploits of hockey hero, Maurice Richard.

In September, high schools can register on the app’s website to take part in a three-hour guided activity. The app is available for iPhone and Android through the Google Play store, is user-friendly and makes for a great guide to Old Montreal.

For more information, call 514-666-1861 or visit montrealenhistoires.com.

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