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27 Jan, Friday
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Montreal Families

Musical library hits the right note for kids

Music can be a terrific way for a child with special needs to express feelings and experiment with sounds and rhythm. To help more young people get in touch with their musical side, the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre has started a new Music Toy Library where the students from the centre take home a different instrument every 10 days for free.

An occupational therapist evaluates the students’ skill level and gives them the appropriate musical instrument to practice with at home. Mary Lattas, the manager of the library, says this is a great learning tool for students who are visually impaired or have minimal motor skills to use their other senses.

The centre helps people with various disabilities, including those with visual impairment, hearing loss, cerebral palsy, language delays etc.

Thanks to donations from the Deloitte Foundation and Steve’s Music Store, a variety of instruments are available ranging from maracas to xylophones. For more information contact Nicole Halpert at (514) 489-8201 ext. 2024 or visit www.mabmackay.ca.

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