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Music school expands location and program

KoSA Music Academy is expanding its campus in an effort to provide a more diverse program to its students.

This includes a new ground floor, concert space and recital room at the school’s location in N.D.G. The expansion will allow for broader curriculum, including the Jam Program, in which students can play together in a band and receive professional guidance from percussionists.

Young students are split into three age groups: 8-9, 9-11 and 12 and up, however placement is flexible depending on the student’s skill level. Lessons are offered in group, semi-private and private sessions, and last about 30-45 minutes.

Those who are new to music are encouraged to join the rhythm classes, which feature West African drumming, also known as Djembe. Participants learn the basics of drumming, while being introduced to other instruments so they can get a feel for what they enjoy before choosing a specific instrument to master.

“Students learn to focus and develop their motor skills as well as their physical and mental coordination,” says founder and instructor Aldo Mazza, a Montreal-based percussionist. The curriculum also includes lessons on how to play basic scales for those learning the piano, and how to read sheet music.

“We don’t play it by ear; we treat music as a language,” Mazza says.

KoSA also offers ‘drum parties,’ for birthdays, team-building exercises or other special events. Taking place at the academy or at your preferred location, KoSA will provide participants with instruments, teach them basic rhythmic songs and then invite them to play the songs together.

With locations all over the world, including China, Cuba, Italy and across North America, KoSA Academy offers a diverse percussion program to new and skilled students.

For more information, visit kosamusic.com.

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