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05 Jun, Monday
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Montreal Families

Museum of Illusions opens in Montreal

A new Montreal museum is set to give visitors an interactive and mind-bending experience unlike any other in the city. The Museum of Illusions is scheduled to open on June 10, 2023 with illusions that may make you go “Huh?” and “Woah!” as you check out exhibits that include holograms, stereograms, and immersive rooms.

The museum will house more than 70 exhibits designed to tease the senses and bring out playfulness in visitors of all ages. Using all their senses, visitors can learn about vision, perception and the human brain in a fun and interactive way.

Infinity room. Credit: Museum of Illusions

“Each exhibit offers a truly unique experience that challenges your perception and tricks the mind,” says Michaela Radman, owner & curator of Museum of Illusions Canada. “The installations are based on science, mathematics, psychology and art allowing visitors to learn about vision and the human brain, but in a fun and interactive way!”

First started in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015, the Museum of Illusions is the biggest private chain of museums in the world with 42 museums around the globe including Dubai, Chicago, New York, Paris, Istanbul and Milan to Shanghai, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur and Tel Aviv. The Museum’s first Canadian location opened in Toronto in 2018.

“Expanding into Québec has always been our priority. We cannot wait to welcome visitors to our magical space where education meets entertainment,” Radman says.

Tickets are available for purchase now.

Prices: Adults – $26, seniors – $24, and children – $20

Address: 44 Saint-Antoine St. W. Montreal

For more information visit www.moimontreal.com

Credit: Museum of Illusions


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