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02 Dec, Friday
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Montreal’s Vans Skatepark adds new street course

Montreal skateboarders have a brand new installation that they can check out beside the city’s Olympic Stadium.

The Montreal Olympic Park and Vans Canada recently unveiled the massive new section at the Vans Skatepark, which complements the pro-level 900-square-metre concrete bowl that was completed in 2019 to host the Canadian stop of the Vans Park Series competition.

Measuring a whopping 10,000 square metres, the new street course section features rails, ledges, and banks for everyone — whether you’ve been skating for decades, or have been inspired by our Canadian athletes shredding it up at the summer Olympics in Tokyo.


Photo credit: Ryan Lebel

“The objective is to offer skateboarders of all ages and all skill levels a best-in-class facility, where they can be active, express themselves and develop their creativity. In combining sport and creativity, we believe skateboarding can contribute to maintaining good physical and mental health,” said Alex Auchu, Marketing Manager at Vans Canada. “With a diverse range of obstacles and features, we want to give all Montrealers the opportunity to dig into skateboard culture, whether they’re already part of the Montreal Skate Community, are interested in trying skateboarding for the first time, or simply want to watch.”

The construction was completed in two phases and financed by Olympic Park and sponsorship from Vans. Vans also designed the park in collaboration with the internationally recognized design and build firm California Skateparks. The world-class level skatepark offers both beginners and pros a top-quality facility and expands on the Olympics Park’s assets, which include the Olympic Stadium (built to host the 1976 Summer Games and the home of the now-defunct Montreal Expos), the Montreal Tower, the Sports Centre, and the Esplanade and outdoor areas.

“It is really something special to have access to facilities of such variety and quality, here at home in Montreal. It will be a good place to allow young people to get into the skateboarding culture, surrounded by others who share their passion. It is truly a beautiful gift to the community. It is thanks to initiatives like these that our sport continues to develop,” said Annie Guglia, Vans Skateboarding Athlete and Athlete Representative / Board Member of Canada Skateboard.

Annie Guglia. Photo credit: Ryan Lebel


The park is located off Sherbrooke Street in the 900 sector of the Esplanade section of the Olympic Park and is open for free, seven days a week, from sunrise to sundown.

For more information on the Vans Skatepark visit https://parcolympique.qc.ca/en/what-to-do/events-and-activities/vans-skatepark/

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