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27 Mar, Monday
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Montreal Families

Montrealers share recipes through Facebook

During this time of social isolation, many families are cooking more together and looking for inspiration. There is a virtual cookbook that will give parents some new, and hopefully inspiring, recipes. Mumspiration Food, a Facebook group started in 2016, is the brainchild of Myriam Porrazzo. The group has a mouthwatering collection of recipes with links, pictures and meal-planning tips.

“The group gives off positive vibes because we do not judge or criticize,” Porrazzo explains. “It is advertisement free and is for everybody, not just mothers. We welcome and encourage posts for recipes other than dinner.”

The group was formerly known as Dinner Mumspiration, but the name changed as the group evolved from simply dinner recipes to desserts, breakfast meals, snacks, etc, says administrator Alexandra Reid.

Recipes that inspire

The one pot Kielbasa pasta made from smoked Polish sausage, diced tomatoes, heavy cream, sharp cheddar and green onion looks very tasty. Cuisines include Italian, Greek and North Africa. Members can also search for recipes based on ingredients. There are some posts about food presentation such as a mother with her daughter cooking two eggs shaped like bunny ears.

The most popular concoctions are crock-pot meals, homemade pizza and stir-fries as well as Asian-inspired meals. Simple meal platters with finger foods, such as cold cuts, fresh bread, pâté, cheese and vegetables, cakes, and decadent desserts are also popular. Parents of picky eaters can find recipes with hidden vegetables and there are suggestions for make-ahead meals and advice on meal planning.

With people being told to stay at home, Reid says having a group like this one, with more than 14,000 members, is more important than ever. Many members are looking for more recipes now that they are cooking at home more and many kids are helping their parents cook because they are home from school.

New ideas every day

“Every day you need breakfast, lunch, dinner, and so with the group, we’re posting our pictures, we’re showing that life goes on,” Reid said. “I think it’s really important to have the inspiration and the ideas because we’re going to start running out of ideas, we’re gonna get really sick of rice and pasta.”

Many members are sharing recipes based on meals they are missing out on during the quarantine. For example, one woman made meals based on typical ingredients that would be used at a cabane à sucre. Another woman, who had to cancel her trip to Jamaica, made some Jamaican-style food for dinner.

Since the group was formed, it has also expanded to two more Facebook groups— Mumspiration Home and Mumspiration Lunchbox.

Created in 2018, the Mumspiration Home Facebook group is used as an outlet, says Reid, for people to share home decor ideas. If you need to ask advice for what rug you should pick, or anything home renovation related, this is a good place to go. Many members even share their Holiday decoration ideas.

Started in 2019, Mumspiration Lunchbox gives you lunch ideas for your kids school, or even for parents to bring to work.

To join any of the groups, go to visit each Facebook Group – Mumspiration Food, Mumspiration Home and Mumspiration Lunchbox– and click “Join Group.”  A moderator will accept your request.  

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