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26 Nov, Saturday
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Montreal mom creates activity kits for kids

As many parents have learned this year, quarantining with kids at home under the age of 12 is no easy task. With the closure of schools last March, evening curfews and ongoing stay-at-home orders, finding the time and energy to keep the kiddos entertained can be a lot of work, even on the best days.

Like many during the beginning of the pandemic, Montreal mom Kimberly Gourgy found herself overwhelmed during those first two weeks last March. 

“We were going crazy, like everyone else,” she said. Her two boys, age 6 and 9 at the time, were sent home from school, but their vivacious spirits didn’t seem to get the memo. With schools closed, city-wide activities closed, and play dates cancelled indefinitely,  family outings and activities were out of question.”We couldn’t do anything,” she says.

Fortunately, Gourgy has always had a knack for planning activities to keep her kids occupied and entertained. “I always felt I had to do something with them, because they’re very active,” she says. From activity planning to execution, coming up with activities offered a way for Gourgy to entertain her boys during PED days and school vacations, with activities that include baking, crafting, and scavenger hunts.

Montreal mom creates activity kits
Approaching Halloween of 2020, Gourgy created a scavenger hunt for her kids. She shared the activity with her friends, and it was a raging success. With all the positive feedback from friends, she realized that she had accidentally tapped into an unmet market – parents of kids who may not have the time and energy to come up with new activities, purchase all the materials, and still have the enthusiasm to put it all together.

So in December of 2020, Gourgy took her passion online and officially launched KidKits, which include three types of activity kits: art, baking, and games (including the scavenger hunts that started it all). Available separately or in bundles, the most popular option, Gourgy says, is a bundle that includes a bit of everything – an art, a game, and a baking kit. The kits are between $5-28, and $30 for a bundle of two kits. “I try to make them a bit different from what everyone else has,” she says, while still sticking with the basics, like a traditional, popular cookie kit. 

Depending on the ages of children, some of the activities don’t need much adult assistance. She says she aims to keep the kids entertained while offering time off to busy parents. “Some people are good at it [activity planning], and they like doing it, but it’s nice not to have to,” she says. 

It was exciting to receive positive feedback from friends, Gourgy says, but it’s even more validating to receive it from strangers. “I’m almost becoming friends with people I didn’t know before in the community – so that’s kind of fun, to get nice feedback and repeat buyers,” she said.

What once was a hobby has become a full-time job. “It’s taken over our lives,” she jokes. She does it all from home, and her kids are a part of the process to assure the kits are age appropriate and, most importantly, fun.

Gourgy hand delivers within Montreal, but the kits are available province-wide, as well as in Ontario and New Brunswick. 

For more information, visit kidkits.ca

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